Technology & Computers

Free wifi and public access computers.

Seba Beach Library Provides:

  • 4 high speed Internet workstations
  • Wi-Fi Internet service (in or outside of the library).

Seba Beach Public Library provides everyone with access to the Internet from designated stations primarily to foster the individual’s educational, cultural and information needs. The Library does not use filters to restrict access to information on the Internet. Access includes printing services at current rates. Staff will attempt to assist, but will not provide detailed Internet training.

  • Seba Beach Public Library prohibits the use of its workstations for illegal purposes.
  • Civil law forbids harassment, libeling or slander of others.
  • Criminal law forbids the display or dissemination of hate literature, child pornography, illicit drug literature or obscene material.
  • Any material tending to deprive any person of his or her rights, to expose any person to hatred, or to affront human dignity cannot be displayed or disseminated.
  • The viewing of pages which display graphic pornography is prohibited in the Library.
  • Customers are not permitted to carry out fraud or other illegal activity, or invade the privacy of others, whether through personal misrepresentation or any other means.
  • Information on the Internet is protected by Canadian and International Copyright law. The Library reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time. Failure to comply with use guidelines will result in loss of access. Unlawful activities will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Seba Beach Public Library is a designated Community Access Program (CAP) Site.  Supported by Industry Canada, CAP sites provide affordable Internet access to the public.

You may print from the computers for $0.25/page, scan/copy items for $0.25/page, and laminate items for a $1/per unit. Charitable organizations may request free laminator use.